New York Paintings 2001
Self Portrait
As a native New Yorker from Old Westbury, I came to Alaska after several rather fateful and substantial interludes: First to Vermont to get married, then back to New York City to work and finally on to Tennessee to raise the children.

I accepted a museum job in Alaska and disembarked from the ferry, at Juneau, with Connie, five of our seven kids, two dogs, an over-stuffed, green, Volkswagen bus and a silver, 18 foot, Sears canoe. All this was off loaded on a rainy, windy and a very black night in October, 1971. 

I had a good museum job but soon found we had no place to live. So my boss, a salty Irishman from Montana, took us all in, along with his own wife, four kids and one dog! 
We were more than willing to try Alaska out for one year and then ended up staying twenty eight and counting. 

My training is in art and museology, plus I have great respect for all of nature, so it really was the right move, to the right place, at the right time.

Now that I'm in my sixth decade of a much varied and rich life, I like to share my visual expressions of it with a greater and more diverse audience. 

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