Publicly and Privately Owned
Eagle                                 Watercolor on w/c Paper                                      31x22
National Collection of Fine Arts
Smithsonian Institution Washington, D.C. 

Exhibited in the group exhibition and the accompanying catalogue,
Contemporary Art from Alaska.

An excerpted statement from the exhibition catalogue's Introduction,
by Peter Bermingham, Curator, Department of Education, 
Natural Collection of Fine Arts:

"Alaska imposes on all who go there to seek fortune or refuge a taxing battery of tests that quickly sorts out the tourist and dilettante from those with the strength to survive and prosper. In no small measure, "our last frontier" confronts the working artist with the same challenge."

"And yet most of those who have chosen a more personal path to interpretation draw from the same well of inspiration as their more traditional colleagues, namely, the spectacular and diverse land that surrounds them and the no less extraordinary and diverse people who live and work on it."

Copyright 1978 by Smithsonian Institution. All rights reserved.


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